It’s been a while

It’s been a while since I’ve put words to my thoughts.  Sometimes that task just feels too hard.  Sometimes I feel like if I jump into the biggest of hard places, I’ll never find my way back out.  These are just feelings though because I know that if I dig down deep I’ll find the strength to face the hardest parts and I know that the strength I find will not be my own, but will be that of my mighty Savior.  He can trudge through my mess and pull me along to the other side, no matter how far away that may be

In the hardest hard places of life there is hope.  My sweetest friend in college would challenge me to find God’s tangible love in each day.  This friend was remarkably gifted at asking questions and when she asked me each week how God tangibly loved me, I felt like she was asking to know me in the deepest way.  I’ll be honest, I have not looked for God’s graces in this way in so long.  If she asked me today how I’ve seen God tangibly love me, I would be ashamed to admit that instead I have chosen the scavenger hunt of despair.  I have spent more days than not the last several months picking out the worst parts of my hard to complain about and wallow in.  This week though, I was reminded of the importance of finding the gifts, the graces, the tangible loving of my God.

Here are some joys:
-The sweet hugs from my guy
-My guy asking for a back-scratch or head-scratch (he told a friend this summer that he likes back-scratches even more than chocolate…this is huge for my sweet-tooth of a husband)
-God’s timing in bringing us friends in this stage of life, incredible lifer friends
-Encouraging words from others at the perfect moments
-Venues like this, my journal, crafting, and chatting that are therapeutic for my heart
-Littles, watching sweet littles run around make my heart happy
-A new-found love of reading
-Dairy-free baked goods that taste great
-Colorado Sunsets