Consider Reading The Hardest Peace

I love to read both of these sweet blogs (Mundane Faithfulness and And Babies Don’t Keep), so I was pretty excited when The Hardest Peace was reviewed on “And Babies Don’t Keep“. You know the kind of excited you get when two of your great friends meet and become friends?  I also had one of these moments of excitement when I read in Kara’s book that she read and loved A Severe Mercy, one of few books I’ve read and one of even fewer books that I’ve loved!

Not that I think Kristi’s review wasn’t good enough, but I also want to recommend this book and Kara’s blog, Mundane Faithfulness. This is not a cancer book, this is a book about God showing up bigger than the hard shows up in your life, this is a book about living a story different from the one you expected, this is a story about real life. Real life is messy and Kara doesn’t shy away from that truth, she finds Jesus in the midst of the mess.

When I met Kara at her book launch, she looked me in the eyes with such grace and kindness and said, “life is hard and marriage is hard, but God is so, so good”.  These words echo in my mind through every hard that I walk through (or attempt to walk around/avoid).

Consider reading Kara’s book.  In some ways it is hard to read and can be a struggle to turn the page and read more heartache, but it is also so good and encouraging and the honest, grace-filled, truths about Jesus make the book hard to put down.  Some days, I yearn for authentic, biblical community and I read Kara’s words and feel met…met by a sweet friend who understands the ache of unmet expectations…met by grace and truth…but most importantly, met by Jesus.  The Jesus that Kara shares about is alive, kind, and real.  Kara shares authentically about the precious savior who is big enough to hold the whole world in his hands, but intimate enough to hold your hand in His.

I can’t say enough good things about Kara’s book and the way it will point you toward a spectacular God who cares about you, personally, so I will end by saying once more that I highly recommend her book (this recommendation comes from someone who barely reads, so you know its good).