My Birthday with My People

This past weekend  Last October, I celebrated my birthday! (This post got tucked away and never published, so here it is.)  I absolutely love birthdays and look forward to my own all year long.  After the year I’ve had, I was especially excited about my birthday.  This year has felt like more of an accomplishment than most years have and I could hardly wait to celebrate it and begin a new year.  
Well, life happened and my people weren’t able to celebrate with me for a variety of reasons.  I was pretty bummed and, I’ll admit, grumpy and unkind.  A lady from church heard that I didn’t have anything planned for my birthday and decided to get a group together to celebrate with me.  I was hesitant, not sure what to expect of a thrown-together-the-night-before birthday gathering, but I was really just glad to have something to do.  
The day consisted of eight other ladies and two sweet littles.  We chatted, drank tea, walked around town, went into some cute shops, and laughed.  It was such a sweet time with people that I just love.  Most of the ladies that came had walked with me through this past year in different ways and it was so precious to me that it was this specific group of ladies that gathered around me and loved me well on my birthday.  These people are my people, they are the ones I cry with, laugh with, cook with, clean with, they are the friends whose homes I show up at late at night, early in the morning, or unannounced, they are the friends that make time to love me in tangible ways and let me know them and share their lives with them.  I’m so grateful for these people that just overflowed my cup on my birthday.  They are my favorites!